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Crotex health

Our vision 

To offer an expanded qualitative health service in which stakeholder unite to improve the quality of life of all people and restore the dignity of humanity. 


To provide a patient-centered and community engaging health service that is accessible, affordable, comprehensive and holistic.

Our Values 

Equality, freedom, independence and an attitude of gratitude. 

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Crotex Capacity

Our team consists of renowned and experienced medical personnel, who have over 30 years of experience in the healthcare space. The team has a capacity of carrying-out a range of services, ensuring that patients get the best care possible. 

Crotex Health’s surgery is well equipped to offer various services to our patients. 


Our Services

Clinical services

Occupational Health

Home Based Care


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The Surgery

Our surgery is located within the central business district making it easily accessible to our patients. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, in an area of the city that is serene.

Housing multiple consultation rooms, a nurse station and a big waiting room, our surgery has the capacity to attend to many patients all at once. 

Why us?

Guided by our core values, we deliver the best service to our patients. At Crotex Health we have a strong belief that the patient is the reason for our existence, therefore we value their lives and live to care for them. 

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